Plastic piping systems

Recently Aluland acquired from Akatherm, part of the Aliaxis Group, the representation for the complete range of plastic piping systems for the maritime sector. This new program consists of a wide range of piping systems and appendages in various materials. For this reason the application possibilities on board of ships are quite numerous.


Many advantages


Plastic offers many advantages for maritime applications. First of all, plastic piping systems weigh approximately 80% less than metal systems and the total saved weight can be a couple of tons per ship. This means more cargo or lower shipping cost with a more profitable exploitation as a result.                                                                     Also, plastic piping systems are not subject to corrosion and therefore have a longer durability so less maintenance cost.                                                                                                                  Finally, plastic piping systems - even in small spaces - are quick and easy to install thanks to efficient connection techniques. The installation time on board is remarkably reduced both in new builds as in case of modifications and repairs.


Many applications


Our new program of plastics offers a wide range of piping systems and appendages, a.o. suitable for the following applications:


  • ballast systems
  • wastewater systems drinking water installation systems
  • cooling systems
  • airco systems

• water treatment systems


Connection techniques

Depending on the application, pipeline diameter, space, installation time and flexibility, various pipeline materials are available. They can be glued and welded but also connected by means of flanges.


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